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We can deliver our pallets to your shop.  They can be in vans or on flatbeds
 We have a fleet of 18 wheelers and a staff of great drivers who will do their best to accomodate your delivery needs and wishes.  They do their best to get your products to you in a prompt and timely manner.  If we have too many loads for us to deliver all of them we have some very capable outside trucks and drivers who strive to do the same. We deliver all over the state of Texas and some in Louisana.

H T Services 

Heat Treatment of Pallets

     The pallet industry now requires pallet to be heat treated, especially if they are used in export of products over seas.  We are licensed by Timber Products Inspection to heat treat pallets according to ALSC (American Lumber Standards Commission).  TPI audits our records each and every month to insure that our records are accurate and whether they were treated according to the guidelines as provided by the ALSC.  We can provide you proof of each loads' heat treating and a snap shot of the actual process if you so desire.  A copy of our current license can be provided for you as well.  M &H has two heat treating chambers capable of treating a complete load of pallets at one time.  One chamber was manufactured by Kiln-Direct and the other was constructed by M & H Crates according to blue prints provided by Kiln'  This process usually takes about 2 to 4 hours to complete a cycle of heat treating.  The amount of time that it takes to treat a load is affected by the thickness of the lumber, the number of pallets that are in a load and the temperature as well as the moisture content.  The process is controled by computer as all of the data is gathered from six probes placed in stratigic areas of the load that is being treated.



   Mold has become an issue these days and we have purchased a dipping tank. We dip stacks of pallets in a chemical that inhibits the growth of mold.  It is FDA approved for use on surfaces of pallets that are used to package food items.   Mold has also become a problem on pallets that are shipped in containers overseas.  The use of a mold inhibiter controls this adequately. The pallets are heat treated and then dipped in the mold inhibiter solution.  This has worked for us to stop the growth of mold on the wood surfaces of the pallets.

     We at M & H constantly work with our customers to alleviate any problems that may arise and promise that we will continue to work with our customers to satisfy their needs.