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M & H Crates strives to make a quality pallet to support your products from the time that they placed on the pallet at your shop as well as the process of shipping and delivery.  We also heat treat pallets that are used in shipping products overseas. 
Company history

     M & H Crates existed years ago as S A Slover Company run by Mr. Pete Halbert.  They made tomato lugs to package tomatoes for which Jacksonville is famous for.  In 1950, Mr. Halbert turned the company over to his daughters with Mr. George Peterson running it.  Then in 1968, Mr. Peterson asked Mr. Rayburn McCown if he would buy the manufacturing side of the Company. He bought it and named it the M & H Crates Company. Then in October of 1976 the company was incorporated as his son, Pat McCown came along as a partner and the company was named M & H Crates Inc.  

     They made veneer for brick companies to package brick with and a few pallets.  For the few years they made veneer for half a day and built pallets for half of a day.  As time passed, pallets claimed more and more time as well as the veneer.  We even made bed frames for a short period of time.  Then in 2000, Pat McCown sold the company to the Employees and M & H Crates became an ESOP, Employee Owned Company with Pat McCown retaining the Veneer plant.

      Today, Randy McCown serves as President, Andy McCown and Davy Sanders serve as Vice Presidents.